In the modern world, if we talk about professional versatility, there’s no one better than a Full Stack Developer to represent the term “versatile.” Well-versed in both frontend and backend web development, Full Stack Developers are the multi-talented professionals that every company and brand covets.

To fully comprehend the role…

Hey Readers.

Once again the same question.

To be better at JavaScript or any Programming Language, the only to things you need are:

  1. Proper Knowledge
  2. Constant practice

So I have one suggestion for you. Take the help of an Online Tutorial that will offer you both, proper knowledge and constant…

The consumption of information through videos is huge. We all watch videos not simply to kill time but also to gain information. We love watching documentaries, movies, video songs, animated films, television series, cartoons, real-time coverage of sport and cultural events. Today, videos serve as a mode of entertainment, marketing, training and recreation. There are a lot of video entertainment platforms, such as Youtube and DailyMotion that have been around for quite some time.

Your choice of programming communities (know as discussion boards, forums, bulletin boards, etc.) will often determine the pace of your progression in your particular language that you’re learning. I don’t think there is an answer as to why, but real-time communities provide a one of a kind learning experience.

I was one of those people who thought that every time I had to create a new design concept, or a prototype — I’d have to write a new code for it, or at least make a ton of images for it in Photoshop. I learned — as the time went by — that you can use wireframe tools, or otherwise called mockup, and prototyping tools that allow you to create example designs for your team and clients, saving yourself a lot of precious time.

Django is a python web framework designed for high-security and dynamic website development. If you are looking to create a website with only a couple of pages, Django is probably not for you. I have just started learning python and I have come across Django, and it looks like it is something I will be checking out in higher depth once I learn enough.

Laravel is really beautiful, and after posting the Laravel resources post, I knew I would be creating this follow-up. It’s going to be exactly like the popular Django websites post I did. I’ll post a screenshot of the webpage, the URL and a little bit of description. You can then check out each of the websites for yourself.

I have tried to include a bit of variety, so it’s not just blogs only. Really nice looking stuff, I have to admit.

The PRIZM core is developed based on the NXT cryptocurrency source codes. The source code for PRIZM is published on GitHub, but not all files are published. It uses the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, the Diffie-Hellman elliptic Curve25519 (ECDH) algorithm, the SHA-256 hash algorithm, and AES-256 symmetric encryption. As an algorithm for forming blocks, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is used.

If I ever develop an iOS or Android mobile app then no doubt I would choose the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to host my first app. If you are an app developer you must be aware that, Play Store and iTunes are the largest app distribution platforms covering the huge global audience. In the past few years, these two platforms have grown such that, you can find loads of apps hosted of every kind now and then. So even if you publish your app in any one of them it is way difficult to establish a good hold and visibility amongst millions of apps.

Is hacking your passion? Are you fascinated with the thought of becoming a system security expert? Do you dream to hack the hacker? Or do you want to learn ethical hacking? If yes, then here’s the list of the best ethical hacking books for all skill levels with which you can start anytime & anywhere. Also, I have mentioned the link to the Amazon where you can purchase this book in no-time.

Jessica Dave

I’m passionate Web Developer & Data Analyst. I like to read and write about emerging technologies.

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