Top Node IDEs for Developing Node.js Apps In 2020

Having control over code is an important part of a software application development process. A lot of programmers need efficient code editing and debugging tools to work with accuracy and speed. This may be the reason as to why an IDE (Integrated development environment) was conceptualized. An IDE has a source code editor, a code debugger, code completion feature, build automation tool, compiler and more all in one single software application. Modern IDEs have a graphical user interface with a single program that offers several features, such as authoring, compiling, deploying and debugging software code.

Some IDEs are dedicated to a specific, single programming language while there are a few more that support multiple languages. Eclipse, NetBeans, CodeEnvy, Xojo, and Xcode are some examples of modern IDEs.

Here, we are focusing only on IDEs for Node.js applications.

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